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fusedVR event feedback on Virtual Reality sessions 22 & 26 Nov

fusedVR event feedback VR sessions 22 & 26 Nov

We recently had some exciting Virtual Reality live sessions at Building Exhibit Centre, George.

On 22 & 26 Nov 2018 we had one of our Exhibitors BIM2fusedVR | fusionBIM hosting Virtual Reality live sessions for some of our clients, design professionals and guests.

Francois Swanepoel from BIM2fusedVR presented several immersive VR experiences showing Building Design to the attendees in a whole new was as we are used to in the industry.


We had professionals from the complete Building Industry in the audience and everybody was amazed and to see how Virtual Reality applied to the work of Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Building Contractors, Property Developers and Owners and Estate Agents.


Here is what some of them had to say:

From Marius (an MEP Engineer)

“The VR Presentation was very informative and this is the way forward for the design teams especially the Architects.

The problem we deal with on construction sites are mostly because not all Clients cannot always visualise the final product from 2D drawing (Floor Plans) and changes are done at a very late stage of construction. Thus the 3D model and VR program can resolve many of these problems.

From a Consulting Engineering point of view this will provide us with tools to design the installations with greater details.

It’s however the co-ordination of all the different services in the roof void that proofs to be the tricky part and with this and other VR programs this can also be achieved.”


From Keith (a Building Contractor)

“Was it of value, Yes, since tech is moving towards 4th industrial revolution, we do want to keep abreast of developments

Was it pertinent? Sort of. (For what we are currently involved in). It is more useful for the designers, clients and sales people than for the contractor. I think it will be pertinent for the contractor inolved in  higher end residential, fancier restaurant, office block, processing plant, etc type of construction.

Will we buy? Not at moment, but will monitor costs / pertinent projects.

All in all, I would say, the event was a useful exercise and not a waste of time.”


We will definitely host more of these Virtual Reality live sessions so be sure to visit our Events Calendar regularly.


To contact Francois for a VR session or discuss your project click here.